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When should I have an eye exam?
Adults should have their eyes examined to keep their prescription current and check for early signs of eye disease. As well, eye exams for children play an important role in ensuring normal vision development and academic achievement. Children should have their first eye exam by 6 months of age and annually thereafter. All Eyes On Me Optical also recommends a yearly comprehensive eye exam for all patients to ensure optimal vision and eye health. An annual, comprehensive eye examination from a certified Optometrist can detect early signs of eye disease.

Will my eye exam be covered by OHIP?
For children and young adults, up to age 19, OHIP covers one (1) comprehensive eye examination annually. For adults aged 20-64, Only those having certain medical conditions are insured by OHIP annually for an eye exam. For older Adults (65+), OHIP insures one comprehensive eye examination anually.

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Please Note:
Free Eye Exam (with valid health card) is available for those under 19 years of age, 65 and older & individuals with certain medical conditions.